07/01/2014 11:09 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Tough Love,' Queer Web Series, Premieres 'Movie Night'

"Tough Love" is a hilarious web series that follows the lives of two friends living in New York City's "third-coolest borough": Queens.

We fell in love with Steven Bell and Blaire Wendel's characters in the first four episodes of the series' second season, and the pair have won us over again in this fifth episode titled "Movie Night." In this latest installment, Wendel's character has thrown herself into her newly found lesbian identity and Bell's character begins to feel like a bit of a third wheel.

"This episode was super exciting for me to work on. Up until this point our characters haven't explored intimate situations with other humans, and it's like a whole new level of hilarious. Not to mention it's so fun to finally see some gay/lesbian action happening in the series," Bell told The Huffington Post. "I also loved playing with the idea of friendships changing as we grow older. I think everyone can relate to what it feels like to have a friend get into a new relationship and suddenly disappear entirely. It's sad and frustrating and ultimately an inevitable part of adulthood."

Check out this latest episode of "Tough Love" above.

Bell wants to give special thanks to Darwin Deez and Lucky Number Music for letting the cast use their song "Bad Day". Check Darwin out here.



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