07/02/2014 04:13 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

These Vintage Brides And Grooms Are The Epitome Of Old-School Cool

Our grandparents could certainly teach us all a thing or two about style, glamour and timeless beauty. And while they embodied many of these qualities on a daily basis -- in the clothes they wore, the way they spoke and how they styled their hair -- never was their sophistication more apparent than on their wedding days.

Below, we rounded up 12 drop-dead gorgeous vintage photos of brides and grooms from decades past.

  • "My mema and grandpa on their wedding day in the early 50s. She made her dress. It was yellow." - TaleaRL/Reddit
  • "I asked my grandma why she married my grandpa (who she only dated for a year) when she was only 18 and he was 31. She answered me 'Why not? He was hot back then!'" - mntt/Reddit
  • "My grandma recently went into care due to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Last week when we were clearing the house that we all grew up in, we found this amazing picture. Her 1960s wedding in London." - troygirl/Reddit
  • "My grandma suffered a stroke a few months ago and my grandpa has been the most supportive and loving caretaker she could ever hope for. In celebration of her improvement, I wanted to share their wedding photos!" - TayMin/Reddit
  • "Spent some time with my grandpa today on the anniversary of my grandma's death. Saw their lovely wedding photo for the first time!" - sundreams90/Reddit
  • "A photo of my grandma and late grandpa from their wedding in Cuba." - Missbeemakeup/Reddit
  • "My grandmother's engagement photo, 1960s." - shankwithme/Reddit
  • "My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day 58 years ago. So classy." - itgirl__ragdoll/Reddit
  • "My grandparents' wedding in 1958. Today would have been my grandpa's 86th birthday." - qtg/Reddit
  • "My grandmother's bridal portrait from 1952. She was 19, wore a blue dress, and looked absolutely lovely." - flippinglikebirds/Reddit
  • "My grandma on her wedding day :)" - RAINBOWcereal_box/Reddit
  • "Found this photo from my grandparents' wedding. They were married for 50 years when my grandma died. They would have been at 62 years this year." - Almostana/Reddit

[h/t Reddit]

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