07/03/2014 03:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cop Who Shoved Paraplegic Man From Wheelchair Gets To Keep His Job (VIDEO)

Indiana police lieutenant Tom Davidson was caught on video pushing a paraplegic man out of his wheelchair into the street in October, 2013. Officials stripped Davidson of his rank and slapped him with a 30-day suspension -- but they're letting him keep his badge.

An internal investigation determed that Davidson violated the Lafayette Police Department's rules regarding "unbecoming conduct" and "response to resistance" when he shoved Nicholas Kincade on Oct. 1, WRTV reports. The report also recommended firing the cop after examining the video, which was released by the police department.

But a civilian police commission disagreed and allowed Davidson to hold onto his job. He will, however, serve the suspension and be placed on probation for one year.

The altercation between Davidson and Kincade began after the wheelchair-bound man entered the grounds of Lafayette's Excel School, allegedly claiming he had a gun in his backpack, the Lafayette Journal & Courier reports. (Police later found that he only had a pocketknife.)

In the video, Kincade slowly rolls forward toward one of the officers on the sidewalk. Davidson quickly throws an arm that launches Kincade onto the street in front of a parked squad car.

"Whoa, what the f--k?" Kincade yells. An officer says, "You do not drive over [my foot]" and another says, "Now you're going to jail."

Prosecutors didn't pursue criminal charges against Davidson or Kincade.



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