07/03/2014 11:43 am ET Updated Jul 08, 2014

10 Brilliant Storage Solutions For All That Embarrassing Stuff Of Yours

It's no secret that the couple hours before guests arrive over can easily become the most panic-inducing, borderline-traumatizing part of hosting. It's the time when more chores get tackled than have been in the past few weeks combined, when every decor decision you've ever made is suddenly questioned (by none other than yourself) and when you desperately stash all of your personal items that have been laying out in a frazzled generally last-ditch effort.

But thanks to these genius storage solutions, at least the latter no longer has to be solved by shoving endless objects in a drawer or closet and praying to all things holy no one accidentally finds their way inside. From the bathroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between, this is how you cross one seemingly unavoidable task off of that pre-guest checklist from hell.

Finally! The Storage Solutions You've Been Waiting For

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