07/05/2014 09:39 am ET Updated Jul 05, 2014

Lea Michele's Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Says She's Pregnant With A #BabyBoy

Shortly following the Twitter hacking of Chris Colfer, Lea Michele fell victim to the antics of some Internet villain when her account wrote, "Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant #BabyBoy."

The act of hashtagging "BabyBoy" probably should have seemed a little suspicious, but Michele's publicist has confirmed that Michele was hacked (although, in a statement sent to Time, she did not touch on whether Michele is pregnant with a #BabyBoy or otherwise).

Colfer's hacker wrote that he had been let go from "Glee," due to "personal issues," before his manager announced that his account had been compromised.

We’ve been alerted that Chris Colfer’s Twitter account has been hacked,” 20th Century Fox Television wrote in a statement to Time. “Rumors of his dismissal from Glee could not be further from the truth. We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season.”

So, that clears that up, but what is going on with all of this "Glee" hacking? It just seems like they all sat down and made their passwords "GLEEFOREVER" or maybe just "password." In any case, we have to be wary of everything we see on any "Glee" star's Twitter from now on.

Most recently, Michele tweeted that she hopes we "all have a fun and happy 4th of July!!!" The Huffington Post has reached out to a publicist to verify this comment, but did not hear back at time of publish.



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