07/09/2014 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Germany-Brazil Game Was Twitter's Biggest Ever; Here Are The Best Reactions

While the German team was busy setting on-field records during Tuesday's Brazilian blowout, the rest of the world was apparently on Twitter, setting digital records.

In a little more than 90 minutes, the game racked up 35.6 million tweets, earning the record for the most-discussed single game on Twitter.

The volume of posts peaked at 580,166 tweets per minute following Sami Khedira's minute-29 goal, which notched the score up to 5-0.

That's almost 387,000 tweets per minute, or 6,449 tweets per second, for 92 straight minutes. Here's how it looked in real time:

As you'd expect, many of those tweets offered a humorous look at the rapidly imploding Brazilian team. We've collected some of them for your amusement, below:

On Sunday, the victor of Wednesday's game between Argentina and the Netherlands will play Germany in the World Cup final.



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