07/10/2014 03:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Greg Poehler Refuses To Call His Sister Amy A 'Genius'

Chalk it up to sibling rivalry, but Greg Poehler refuses to label his sister -- otherwise known as the esteemed actress Amy Poehler -- a genius.

In an appearance to promote his new NBC series "Welcome To Sweden," Poehler made a point of correcting HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps reference to his sister as a "comedic genius."

"I wouldn't go that far as to say genius," he said of the former SNL star, writer and actress of "Parks and Recreation," infamous "cool mom" to Regina George in "Mean Girls," and leading lady in David Wain's new film "They Came Together" -- just to name a few.

"She shows promise," Poehler continued. "She has a promising career ahead of her. I think she's gonna make it someday."

At best, the funnyman conceded, Amy can be dubbed as "genius-ish," or "a genial human."

We'll take it.

Watch the rest of Greg Poehler's hysterical conversation with HuffPost Live below:



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