07/10/2014 08:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 Reasons Why Life Is Better On A Houseboat

Living on land can get a bit boring, so why not move your house to the water? We've got all the reasons why life is just better on a houseboat.

1. You're not just a homeowner...
You're a captain, which means you get to wear awesome hats whenever you so choose.

2. And incredible views aren't hard to find.
Just look out the window!

3. Houseboats are generally more "house" than "boat."
It just so happens that these houses are pretty buoyant.

4. It's an incredible conversation starter.
sausalito houseboats
"Oh, you live on a HOUSEBOAT?! Why? How? Where? Tell me everything."

5. You can always change your neighbors.
Just change slips!

6. There's never any yard work.
sausalito houseboats
Worst case scenario, you have to decorate your dock slip, or water a potted plant.

7. And less fighting with your significant other.
Because when you're on a floating house, there's no need to "rock the boat."

8. Dinner is always convenient.
Fishing off the side of your boat is an easy way to avoid grocery store crowds.

9. You'll never have trouble falling asleep.
The boat will naturally rock you to sleep (unless hurricane winds are in the forecast).

10. Everything you need is in one place.
If you lose something, you know it's not in the car or at the store.

11. Which means there's a lot less waste.
If something isn't totally usable or completely durable, chances are -- it's not making it on the boat.

12. It's never a bad thing to be "bright."
sausalito houseboats
The lack of housing regulations mean the more colors of paint and crazy artwork you have, the better.

13. And you can make your houseboat a "home" -- or the Taj Mahal.
sausalito houseboats

14. Change is constant, and life is always exciting.
The weather and tide never stay the same, and cleaning your windows on the outside will give new meaning to your life "hanging in the balance."

Obviously, not all of these reasons apply to every houseboat, and there are a few general rules of caution -- the main one being that if the "captain" has been out for a night on the town, staggering in could always turn into an unwanted swim. But if you get the chance to live on a houseboat (or heck, just STAY in one!) we definitely recommend you do it. Bon voyage!



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