07/10/2014 04:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

More Millennials Use MySpace Than Reddit: Poll


More millennials are using MySpace than Reddit, according to a new poll from Reason magazine and Rupe.

Excuse us while we try to process that information.

In a lengthy survey of 2,000 millennials, mostly about political topics, respondents were asked, "Which, if any, of the following social networking accounts do you currently use?"

The winner was Facebook, which 75 percent said they used. Slightly more than one-third of students use Twitter, and a little less than a third use Instagram. About 15 percent said they use Snapchat, and 10 percent are on Vine.

But somehow 8 percent said they use MySpace, while just 6 percent said they're logging into Reddit. If you think maybe it's the older millennials remembering they used to be on MySpace several years ago, remember the question was probing whether they currently use it.

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If you didn't realize it, MySpace is still up and running. The former social network king, that fell as Facebook and Twitter took over, went through a revamp in 2012 with some help from Justin Timberlake. As of late, it's become more focused on streaming music and entertainment news.