07/13/2014 12:01 pm ET

6 Bold Rooms That Prove You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Color

We get it -- adding color to your home can be a pretty scary step in making a space your own. And going with a bold hue or saturated shade? Well, that just seems terrifying. But luckily for us, we have our friends at Porch.com to remind us that sometimes a big (or even little) dose of color is just what the interior designer ordered. And from their daring schemes to their bright accents, these rooms prove that color is nothing to fear and everything to fawn over.

Which photo below makes you want to cover every white or beige wall in your home?

  • Between furniture and artwork, there are many ways to incorporate color in one room.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/north-blvd-residence-1?img=50337" target="_blank">North Blvd Residence</a> by Montgomery R
    North Blvd Residence by Montgomery Roth Architecture and Interior Design
  • And sometimes the colors you least expect complement one another perfectly.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/defining-tudor-1?img=41010" target="_blank">Defining Tudor</a> by Jennifer Post Desing, In
    Defining Tudor by Jennifer Post Desing, Inc.
  • A combination of color and pattern can transform small spaces.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/evans-residence-1?img=40378" target="_blank">Evans Residence</a> by Gretchen Evans Design
    Evans Residence by Gretchen Evans Design
  • Even just a dramatic pop does the trick.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/mankosvy-1?img=47572" target="_blank">Kitchen Remodel</a> by The Apollo Group, LLC
    Kitchen Remodel by The Apollo Group, LLC
  • Because whether it's used as an accent, or for the entire decor scheme...
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/kitchen-remodel-8?img=35922" target="_blank">Condo Kitchen Remodel</a> by Wentworth, Inc.
    Condo Kitchen Remodel by Wentworth, Inc.
  • It's hard to argue against color this bold.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/evans-residence-1?img=40369" target="_blank">Evans Residence</a> by Gretchen Evans Design
    Evans Residence by Gretchen Evans Design

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