07/13/2014 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jacob's Well Is The Coolest Place To Swim In Texas

Think diving off the deep end is scary? Try jumping into Jacob's Well, which looks like the perfect -- if not terrifying -- way to spend a summer day.

Called "The Gem of Texas Hill Country," Jacob's Well is in Wimberley -- a short, 45-minute drive from Austin. The well was discovered in 1850 and is one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. Its unique coloring and caving system is a "result of slightly acidic rainfall interacting with and eroding the limestone over millennia," which translates to seriously pretty water and way-cool diving experiences.

But, like any sort of cliff-diving, swimming here can get tricky -- especially with no lifeguards on duty. Jumpers must be extra cautious when leaping from the rocks (signs say not to jump, but that doesn't stop most folk). The best way to avoid any issues is to stay away from swimming deep within the caves.

Here are some people far braver than us taking the plunge:

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And with the help of a few GoPro cameras, the view under the water is just as crazy-cool!

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But walking around Jacob's Well is pretty photogenic for those more prone to laying out than jumping.

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Happy swimming!



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