07/14/2014 11:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Former Police Officer Mom Teams Up With Daughter To Make Bulletproof Backpacks


From Sandy Hook Elementary School to the University of California, Santa Barbara, there's been no shortage of school shootings to worry parents lately. And they're seeking protection for their children in the form of bulletproof products -- clothing, backpacks, blankets and more.

One such product is the result of a mother-daughter duo of entrepreneurs. Former San Diego police officer Christina Thomas teamed up with her daughter Kelsey Thomas-Gregorio to create AttachaPack, a line of personalized backpacks for children that come with bulletproof shield inserts. As their website states, "Our mission is to offer a range of innovative backpacks that can be personalized and enhanced in a way that excites kids and gives parents peace of mind."

AttachaPack backpacks come in a variety of size and colors, with removable patterned pockets, as well as optional accessories like zipper pulls, keychains and even mustache tattoos. The bulletproof shields weigh less than a pound and come in different sizes to fit in each backpack.


Although personalization is a key part of the AttachaPack model, the company doesn't offer the monogramming options that many other backpack brands do. The website's FAQ section explains this: "Because of our commitment to safety, we will not be offering full name monograms. Never put your child’s name in a visible place on his/her belongings, it makes it easy for a stranger to call your child by name and establish trust."

AttachaPack's website says the bulletproof shield offers "just one tool that parents can use to help alleviate ... worry and give parents peace of mind," but some school security experts are skeptical about how effective bulletproof school supplies can be. One Cleveland-based father and school safety consultant, Ken Trump, pointed out to NBC News that many kids don't keep their backpacks with them during the school day. He added, "I would ask this question: If you need a bulletproof backpack, wouldn't the child also need a bulletproof front pack and a helmet and a Captain America shield?"

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