07/15/2014 04:58 pm ET

Here's What It's Like To Work As A Netflix Binge-Watcher


If you've never heard of a Netflix tagger before, the streaming service's newest job posting may have you rethinking your current career path.

Last week, a job advertisement started making the rounds on the Internet and it received quite a bit of attention from the hordes of TV fans looking to turn their binge-watching habit into something that would actually make them money. Netflix is currently looking for a tagger in the U.K./Ireland to help them sort through the massive amounts of content they host. A tagger's duties seem simple enough: Watch the loads of TV shows and movies offered by Netflix and sort them into their proper category. But don't go quitting your day job just yet.

Greg Harty, a man who's been filling the role of tagger for over eight years, revealed what working for one of the most popular streaming services in the world is really like. From the breezy interview process to getting to sample a variety of shows and movies, the film buff admits he hit the jackpot in landing his current position, but it's not as easy as everyone thinks.

Taggers are given weekly assignments and Harty gets his at random, meaning he could be watching anywhere from 8-20 hours of everything from "Orange Is the New Black" to "My Little Pony" in one sitting. His job is to unbiasedly categorize everything he views. "You need to be objective,” Harty told Time magazine. “This is never about whether I like a movie, and if I like it, I can’t change the tagging to try to get you to watch it. You might like what I consider to be horrible movies and my job right now is to get you all those horrible movies you want.”

Another thing people might not know about Harty's current occupation: How much it pays. While the tagger wasn't able to offer any information on what he takes home each year -- a NDA bans him from commenting on what he gets paid by the company -- the LA Times says taggers get paid several hundred dollars per week.

Getting paid to watch TV? Yeah, that doesn't sound fun at all.

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