07/17/2014 02:47 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2014

Florida Fisherman Catches Stingray Giving Birth, And It's Super Cool

Floridians run across the strangest stuff in Sunshine State waters: rare goblin sharks, a mysterious giant eyeball, massive squid, rocket parts, long-lost treasure, and hard-to-identify creatures of the deep.

Still, Calvin Conger didn't expect to witness anything weird when fishing with his family off Port Charlotte. But then he hooked a stingray, and when he laid it out on the boat, the Conger family noticed something unusual: a smaller stingray was wriggling half in and out of its mother.

"Ew!" exclaimed girlfriend Hannah Harris as Conger caught his father aiding the birth on camera by gently pressing on the mom. And then, yet another surprise: there was a second baby stingray, too. (Watch the marvelous moment in the video above, and rest assured: all three rays were returned to the water in good health.)

"It like flopped right out. It was weird," Harris told WINK News. "It makes me want to go fishing more. You just see the weirdest things, and it was an awesome moment."



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