07/22/2014 10:04 am ET Updated Jul 22, 2014

It's National Hammock Day! Here Are 8 Ways To Celebrate

Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail

We've always had a thing for hammocks -- even before Anthropologie made it a hashtag and someone else created a national holiday. What other piece of furniture can simultaneously evoke a caribbean vacation, add some whimsy to your backyard and give you a mild workout? (Not to mention, they make for a far-comfier alternative to a desk.)

Today is about kicking back and admiring the artistry of one of the most simplistic and ingenious pieces of home decor ever made. Though we're partial to the roomier, double-wide versions, here are 8 hammocks to consider adding to your life.

Happy napping!

10 Ways To Celebrate National Hammock Day

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