07/23/2014 03:18 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2014

Dad Documents His Sons' Awesomeness In Gorgeous, Quirky Photographs

When Wes Armson saw his two sons cracking a smile, letting out a laugh or even sneezing for the first time, he wanted to remember it forever. He’d sometimes close his eyes, he said, in an attempt to store these little milestones in his mind.

But the 29-year-old dad from Calgary, Canada, soon figured out a much better way to capture memories of 2-year-old Skyler and 5-month-old Maddox: He could whip out his camera and freeze precious moments in a series of beautiful photographs.

“My long-term memory is horrible. I think that portion of my brain is broken,” he said of his desire to photograph his kids, per an earlier interview with Photography Blogger. “The thing that I most enjoy about photographing my own children is that the photos help me remember those [special] moments and those feelings.”

For many months now, Armson, a mechanical engineer by day who works as a lifestyle photographer in his free time, has been photographing his sons when they're dressed up in fancy costumes or posed in quirky ways.

“I wanted to take images that are hopefully fascinating and interesting because that's a true depiction of the reality that we sometimes forget in life's business,” he told The Huffington Post in an email this week. “My kids don't need to be soaring through the air to be amazing, that scenario simply expresses my perspective to others. The slightly out-there photos accurately portray how I feel about my children. Already my boys are super, fun, smart, adventurous, silly, caring, a miracle and a tremendous blessing.”

Scroll down to see some of Armson’s photos of his sons. For the full collection, visit his Flickr page and website.

Wes Armson