07/24/2014 03:05 pm ET Updated Jul 24, 2014

Baby Alligator And Tortoise Might Be The Best Partners In Crime

Here's an animal story that gives us paws: Carlos is a young alligator, about 12 inches long, who normally lives at the Garlyn Zoo in the small Michigan town of Naubinway. Earlier this week, however, the little guy escaped -- and he might have had some help from a slow and steady accomplice: a roaming tortoise.

The zoo didn't realize Carlos was gone until a witness spotted him near a major road and contacted police Sunday, according to MLive. Fortunately, it wasn't one of their larger alligators -- Carlos is too small to be of danger to humans, and probably wouldn't survive into winter on his own in Michigan's climate. That's why the zoo is hoping someone spots him again and calls police or the zoo itself (Anyone who does spot Carlos is warned not to touch him.)

But how the escapee made his getaway is the best part of the story. Carlos lives in a pond with snapping and painted turtles. According to Up North Live, Garlyn owner Gary Moore believes a tortoise on the other side of the fence wore away the dirt, making a hole under the fence big enough for Carlos to slip through.

True teamwork.

"I do miss him and I pray that he comes home," zookeeper Denise Erickson told 9&10 News. "He's got a lot of personality so we're hoping that he makes it through this little... call it his adventure, Carlos' adventure."

While it's probably better if Carlos returns to the zoo, we can't help but be impressed by his cunning. And he's not the first animal lawbreaker to enthrall us. We'll never forget you, Sam the shoplifting seagull, or brown bear trying to steal an entire dumpster.



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