07/25/2014 06:52 pm ET

Big Curly Poops Ask To Be Freed From Butt Prison In Nasty Dulcolax Laxative Ad


Talk about irregular. A new ad for Dulcolax laxative features turd-headed characters stuck in what appears to be an anal prison.

"Only you can set them free," the caption reads.

AdWeek wrote that the poop prisoners looked like "stinky love children of the Michelin Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Turdles)." At least they're cuter than the Golgothan excrement demon in Kevin Smith's "Dogma."

Either way, they're pretty icky.

The ads reportedly ran in Singapore newspapers and at bus stops. "Instead of approaching the dramatization from the patient's [point of view], we approached it from the excrement's," the agency behind the campaign, McCann Health, said in the trade publication.