07/26/2014 02:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Baseball Players Get To Have All Of The Fun (VIDEOS, GIFs)


Baseball has a seemingly endless number of rules, written and unwritten. Thankfully, there remains one thing clearly not prohibited: Having fun.

Whether it is pre-game standoffs, clubhouse pranks, dugout dancing or home-plate celebrations, baseball players seem to find endless ways to bring some levity to a season that can sometimes seem to last much longer than 162 games. There isn't another professional sports league where the players find more creative ways to have fun. Just imagine the number of penalty flags that would rain down if a couple of NFL players stood on the field in a National Anthem standoff and delayed the start of the game, like Washington Nationals' Aaron Barrett and Colorado Rockies' Brandon Barnes did.

Here are just a few things baseball players do that show they get to have more fun than other athletes.

We Have A Standoff!

Pies To The Face

adam jones pie

And Sometimes, Pies To The Face PLUS Gatorade Shower

Manny Who? Josh Donaldson walkoff in the 9th earns pie, gator... on Twitpic(GIF via @MAD_Marvin)

Dugout Dancing

Something is happening in the #Jays dugout.  on Twitpic(GIF via @CorkGaines)

Dugout Singing

Gerrit Cole, like all of us, loves singing along to “You’ve L... on Twitpic(GIF via @Cut4)

Interrupting Interviews With Sunflower Seed Showers

Piggy Back Rides

The @Phillies won just before 12:00 a.m. last night. Hence @B... on Twitpic(GIF via @Cut4)

There's No Rain Delay Quite Like A Baseball Rain Delay

Everth Cabrera may have set a world record for slip and slide... on Twitpic(GIF via @Cut4)

Stars Impersonating Managers

What was better than Lincecum as a manager in May? Read here ... on Twitpic(GIF via @Cut4)

Tickle Fight!

The @YasielPuig and @HyunJinRyu99 tickle fight we always want... on Twitpic(GIF via @Cut4)

Fun Activities In The Dugout To Pass The Time

GIF: Getting on the head is the easy part. Trying flipping it... on Twitpic(GIF via @CorkGaines)

Just So Much Excessive Celebration

GIF: Now let's watch Cole Figueroa's Gatorade bath ... on Twitpic(GIF via @RaysIndex)