07/28/2014 12:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

High Dive Fail Is A Reminder That Diving Should Be Banned (VIDEO)

We're like 80 percent sure this isn't how you're supposed to do it.

High diving can be as dangerous as it is terrifying. Just look at the clip above of this poor woman who appears to have second thoughts just as she reaches the edge of the diving platform.

By then it's too late. She falls, and the results are unsettling.

Thankfully, she surfaces from the plunge and, according to the Daily Mail, only suffered a "slightly injured finger."

The video, which was uploaded on July 12, was shot at the Lava Hot Springs diving pool in Idaho.

The resort's website requires that all high-divers sign a waiver before they tempt fate because they know those things are death traps.

To be clear, our grievance isn't with this particular high dive, but all high dives and all those who would laugh in the face of their almost certain demise.

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