07/29/2014 10:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Navann The Elephant Meets Much Smaller Cat, Honestly Looks A Little Intimidated

Navann is still a little wet behind his elephant ears.

He lives with his mother and his herd at the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for endangered animals located near Chiang Mai, Thailand. The park is an advocate for many things: rainforest restoration, cultural preservation, and, apparently, socially awkward baby elephants.

Navann's life is comfortable, but it's also fairly sheltered, so it stands to reason that meeting a (gasp) small orange cat in the wild might make the hairs on his trunk stand on end.

When Navann makes his first pass by the cat with an older elephant, he stares straight on ahead, as if trying to show just how much he doesn't mind. It's all good.

But when Navann returns to the cat later, he struggles to work up the courage to even approach it. He leans on one foot and then the other, uncertain.

This domestic cat is truly a fearsome beast.

Finally, Navann -- easily eight or nine times the cat's height -- gives it what for with a flick of his trunk and a steady retreat. He even shakes his leg as he leaves, to really hammer the point home.

And it's all wonderfully, hilariously adorable.



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