07/30/2014 10:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's What Happens When You Fool Around On Train Tracks (VIDEO)

A train engineer in Indiana thought he killed two women when they disappeared under his 100-car coal train earlier this month.

Dramatic video released this week shows the two unidentified women clambering to get out of the way as the engineer throws on his emergency brakes. Miraculously, they survived with little more than a stubbed toe.

They were allegedly trespassing on Shuffle Creek Bridge, northeast of Bloomington, on July 10, according to WTHR. Once they realized there was a train barreling toward them, they had two options: Jump and face an 80-foot fall to the ground below, or lie down on the tracks. Apparently, they chose the latter.

"When the train stopped, the two women crawled out from under the engine, started running this way," Eric Powell with Indiana Railroad told WTHR. "He yelled back and asked them, 'Are you OK?' One yelled she had stubbed her toe, [but was] otherwise fine. I'm sure their nerves were as shattered as his were."

Before they made contact, however, the train engineer had feared the worst and called authorities. The women fled, but police later caught up to them and they'll likely face charges, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Indiana Railroad released a statement reporting that 908 people were killed in the United States by trespassing on railroads in 2013, and 38 of them were in Indiana. All railroad tracks are private property. Don't follow in these ladies' footsteps.

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