07/31/2014 10:53 am ET

Of Course This Is What David Lynch's Nail Polish Ad Looks Like

We wouldn't exactly expect surrealist visionary David Lynch to bring his aesthetic tastes to a nail polish commercial, but if he did, we'd expect it to be all kinds of weird.

Well, he did. And it is.

Lynch's ad, for Christian Louboutin's blood red nail polish, takes viewers on a CGI trip through a wonderland of crisp, white castles, red bottom heels and disembodied hands. In this mythical Lynchian universe, the iconic Louboutin red is stripped from high heels and transferred into a bottle. (The idea for the red bottom shoes actually came from ladies' polish.)

The lush visuals feel more like a glammed up hallucination or bizarre video game than your classic designer ad, which makes sense coming from the "Mulholland Drive" director. If all commercials looked like this we'd spend a lot less time avoiding them at all costs. Well done, Lynch, well done.

h/t The Creator's Project



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