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There's Still Time To Get The Summer Hairstyle You've Always Wanted

You've been talking about celebrating summer with a cool, breezy 'do for a while now, but it's suddenly August and you're still stuck in your winter hair rut.

Don't worry though, there's still one month left, which means there's ample time to get your locks into shape. Just take a tip or two from the women of New York City, who have shared some serious beauty tricks for different colors, styles and textures.

From taking shears into your own hands to bathing in beer, here are some DIY ways to get your head in the summer game.

  • Let Your Emotions Sway You
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    Raydene Salinas
    Steph says: "I change my hair a lot, but I've had this style for a year now... my feelings and emotions always make me change it up."
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  • Rinse Your Hair In Beer
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    Raydene Salinas
    Mollie says: "To make my hair lighter and shinier in the summer, I put beer and lemon through it -- just squeeze it all over... it's an at-home ombre."
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  • Care For Your Curls At Night For Frizz-Free Days
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    Raydene Salinas
    Barbara says: "I braid my hair at night and let it loose during the day to give it the volume it has."
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  • Take Your Pixie Cut Into Your Own Hands
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    Raydene Salinas
    Christina says: "I realized -- as a wavy-haired gal myself -- that there was no need to visit a salon, since I often found those cuts to be way too short and masculine (not to mention expensive). So, once a month, I grab my shears and snip, snip away. My husband cleans up the back with his electric razor and we're done! Easy peasy."
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  • Perfect Beach Waves In Five Minutes
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    Raydene Salinas
    Hannah says: "I've been using Bumble and Bumble Surf shampoo and conditioner and a dab of their Curl Conscious Defining Creme post-shower. Then I scrunch and let it air dry, spray it a bit with Spray de Mode and I'm good. So easy!"
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  • Switch Up Your Routine To Avoid Greasy Hair
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    Raydene Salinas
    Heidy says: "I don't like when my hair gets too oily, especially in the summer, so I just use shampoo and I put oil drops at the ends. [That way] my roots stay oil-free and the wash lasts longer."
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  • Avoid Blonde Highlights Turning Brassy With Silver Shampoo
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    Raydene Salinas
    Sara says: "I use L'Oréal Silver Shampoo occasionally to stop it from going brassy. It makes your hair more blonde, but you have to be careful because if you leave it on for too long, it'll make your hair look silver. It's for old people, but you want it as a rinse if you have blonde hair."
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  • Just Go With The Flow
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    Raydene Salinas
    Matilda says: "I used to have a mohawk and this is just what my hair has turned into as it's grown out. It's an awkward kind of shape right now, and I use a curling iron to flip the ends and make it more tousled."
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