08/04/2014 03:57 pm ET

This Terrifying Ice Cream Commercial Will Fuel Your Nightmares Forever

Little Baby's has us frozen with fear.

Behold the scariest ice cream commercial you've ever seen, brought to you courtesy of Little Baby's Ice Cream. The 30-second ad above will make you rethink what "eye scream for ice cream" really means, as Laughing Squid expertly put it.

The Pennsylvania company is unabashedly upfront about its weirdness, saying its goods are "for open-minded, convivial Philadelphians." Open-minded is one thing -- this is truly terrifying.

After dropping their latest ad, YouTube commenters have weighed in with gems like, "My life is ruined," "Sick bastards," and, "Don't ever watch this video when you're super stoned."

It's essentially the Pan's Labyrinth of ice-cream advertising. But it isn't the first time Little Baby's has terrorized its customers, as they unleashed a series of cringe-worthy ads a few years ago:

They're right. This is a special time. It's a time that you'll remember forever as the most gut-wrenchingly scared you've ever been of an ice cream company.

(h/t Laughing Squid)