08/04/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A History Of The Princeton Review's Top Party School Ranking


For better or worse, Princeton Review's annual party school rankings are pretty well-known these days.

Released every August, the party school ranking from the Princeton Review often draws a lot of excitement and disagreement about its validity. Despite efforts by competitors though, the Princeton Review's ranking is typically the most well-known, due in part to its publicity campaign and history of releasing the lists.

However, knowing who took the crown in this ranking can be hard to find, so we went through old news clips to bring you a brief history of the top party schools.

As you can see, Syracuse University was the first private school to take the No. 1 ranking since Tulane in 1993, and there have certainly been trends among who takes the crown. Others who were once the party school champions are no longer even on the top 10, like the University of Rhode Island.

A recap of the No. 1 party schools ranked by the Princeton Review since 1993:

2015: Syracuse University
2014: University of Iowa
2013: West Virginia University
2012: Ohio University
2011: University of Georgia
2010: Penn State University
2009: University of Florida
2008: West Virginia University
2007: University of Texas at Austin
2006: University of Wisconsin-Madison
2005: State University of New York-Albany
2004: University of Colorado at Boulder
2003: Indiana University
2002: University of Tennessee
2001: Louisiana State University
2000: Florida State University
1999: State University of New York-Albany
1998: West Virginia University
1997: Florida State University
1996: University of Rhode Island
1995: University of Rhode Island
1994: University of Rhode Island
1993: Tulane University

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