08/04/2014 06:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Corgi Puppies Romp Around Georgia Tech, Show Us The Real Reason GoPros Were Invented

Now here's a GoPro being put to good use.

Finally someone pointed the famously tough camera away from testosterone-fueled athletes and dangerous animals, and aimed, instead, at the things that truly make viewers feel alive: corgi puppies.

The daring camera operator faced down six of the fierce 6-week-old pups on the Georgia Tech campus, during a day of filming in late July.

We aren't sure why the puppies are all sleeping in pans at the end of the vid, but the uploader has taken a guess, amending the original video with this comment:

For some reason, they just really like sleeping in pans! Whenever a pan would be near them, they would make their way to it and curl up inside. When we only had one pan out, they would all try to cram inside it! After a while, we just decided it would be easier to give them each their own pan, and they really liked it!!

Maybe it's time for Georgia Tech to consider a mascot change?

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