08/05/2014 04:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Longtime Public Official Finds Himself In Ferocious Face-Off With A Fluffy Opponent

Though the realm of politics is often described as a dog-eat-dog world, rarely is a pooch involved. Well, one race for prosecutor is shaping up to be competitive, fierce ... and furry?

Nyima, a Tibetan terrier in Bellingham, Washington, will be challenging Whatcom County Prosecutor David McEachran for his seat as a write-in candidate, according to the Bellingham Herald. Though Nyima's entry into the race is bringing smiles to voters' faces, his candidacy is not without purpose, as his owner hopes to promote political participation.

"Our current prosecuting attorney has had no opposition in 10 terms, and it's time for other people to think about running," Frank James, Nyima's owner told Komo News. "Nyima's not going to win the election, and people are taking this write-in challenge too seriously, but people need to be encouraged to run for office and maybe this could do it."

Though he's just 9 months old and, well, a dog, Nyima has already received an endorsement from political blogger Riley Sweeney, who also believes there needs to be a push for more people running for office, according to Komo News.

"Nyima might do a superior job to our current county prosecutor. It's just a sign that we need some change -- and a fresh bowl of water," Sweeney told the Bellingham Herald.

News of Nyima's candidacy has even spread to the incumbent, who may have to take a different approach to this ruff race. "I may need to court the dog vote," McEachran told the Bellingham Herald.

Because Nyima is neither a human nor a lawyer, he doesn't qualify for the position, however his owner insists he has all the qualities of a great politician. James told ABC News that Nyima's traits include "honesty, sincerity, simple, clear thinking about stuff and not serving the interests of the wealthy of powerful."

As the primary election kicks off Tuesday, we ask ourselves: Will Nyima be easily swayed by dog treats?

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