08/07/2014 11:16 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2014

How Some Chinese Kids Shed The Pounds (PHOTOS)

Rising obesity among Chinese children has prompted some parents in the Asian nation to take drastic measures, for example by sending their overweight kids to summer camps designed to help them lose the pounds.

Photographer Kevin Frayer recently traveled to one of these so called "fat camps," capturing both moments of joy and trepidation. Parents told Getty that by sending their children to the camps, they are seeking to prepare them for the "hectic challenges of life in one of the world's largest economies."

China currently stands as No. 2 for obesity within the world, just behind the United States. In a study that analyzed weight trends in 188 countries, researchers found that nearly 30 percent of Chinese adult men and women are overweight or obese.

Chinese Students Attend Summer Camp For Overweight Kids