08/07/2014 04:30 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2014

'Weird Al' Super Bowl Petition Calls For Singer To Headline Halftime Show

Casey Curry/Invision/AP

"Weird Al" Yankovic says he's planning a 2015 tour to promote his new album, but there's one date he might want to keep open: Feb. 1.

That's the date of Super Bowl XLIX, and some fans have launched a petition on Change.org urging the NFL to choose Yankovic for the halftime show.

"Think about the Super Bowls of past years, when you had no vested interest in either team, especially during a game that was a blowout or boring," Ed Ball, a fan from Seattle who says he started the petition while drunk, wrote on the website. "What did you remember the most? I’m betting it was typically the humorous commercials, or some kick a** halftime performance. Why not combine the two?"

Ball has another reason for wanting "Weird Al" on the halftime show.

"I do not want to sit through another Black Eyed Peas disaster or see Nicki Minaj verbal vomit some lyrics that I cannot understand. And do you want Miley Cyrus?!? Because this is how you will end up with Miley Cyrus!!!"

In less than a day, the petition has topped 40,000 signatures, perhaps helped by all the attention Yankovic has been getting with the recent release of his first-ever Billboard No. 1 album, "Mandatory Fun" and its eight accompanying music videos.

If Yankovic is selected, he even has a big sports anthem to play, "Sports Song," which you can watch online here.

Yankovic has yet to comment on the petition, but when a similar movement was launched in 2012, he told TMZ he'd be up for playing the big show.

"I'd be surprised if that's being seriously considered by the NFL," Yankovic was quoted as saying. "But prove me wrong!"

If you want to see "Weird Al" perform at the Super Bowl -- or maybe if you don't want Miley Cyrus -- you can sign the petition here.

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