08/08/2014 03:51 pm ET

This Video Is The Best Representation Of Trying To Repay Student Debt

There are a lot of things to be said about student debt in the United States.

Our collective student debt in the United States stands at a crushing $1.2 trillion dollars -- a figure that poses risks both to our students' financial prospects and to the economy as a whole.

Students are engaged in a struggle that seems decidedly Sisyphean, going to extremes trying to pay back their mounting student loans.

So, yeah, there is a LOT to be said about the state of student debt in this country. That's why it's incredible that the video above, uploaded by Paloma Izquierdo, perfectly nails what it's like being a student with student loans with just a stack of papers and a single fan.

It whittles down the impossibility of the crisis to something that anyone, even Congress, could understand.