08/12/2014 02:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Scott Brown Recycling His Endorsments


One person, one vote is a pretty familiar principle in American politics, but when it comes to endorsements, Scott Brown is showing one person is good for two or even three votes of confidence in his uphill campaign to become a senator from New Hampshire.

The phenomenon was noted Monday in a Nashua Telegraph column that pointed out the former Massachusetts senator's latest announcement of 107 supporters included 23 who had already been announced.

"The Sunday Telegraph confirmed this was the third time Brown’s camp put out names with some of them having already been announced," the paper wrote.

Democrats noticed the trend of double- and triple-endorsement dipping as well, and pointed some out to HuffPost.

A quick count finds that out of about 750 names announced in support of Brown's bid to move north, some 150 have been re-used. And at least 10 are three-timers.

The way the campaign does it is by categorizing people both by some age or professional status -- like student or veteran -- and by the town they live in. So one backer who is a young professional gets to be on that list of supporters and another list based on where they live.

It's not exactly a new tactic, but in New Hampshire, where Brown is trying to convince people he is not just an opportunistic carpetbagger, the Telegraph described it as "taking recycling campaign supporters to an art form."



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