08/13/2014 10:24 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

Christopher Knight: 'I Didn't Really Want To Be A Brady Anymore' (VIDEO)

Although Christopher Knight first starred on "The Brady Bunch" in 1969, the actor hasn't been able to shed his character since. The ghost of Peter Brady haunted Knight for years, until a turning point during a business trip to Australia. He shared his story on HuffPost Live.

After Knight ended his run as the middle son of the Bradys, he rejected acting and began a career in the computer industry.

"I went away and thought that 'The Brady Bunch' was going to do what most shows do, it would just disappear," he explained to host Ricky Camilleri. "[But] it became clear that this thing wasn't really dying. I had no idea that, we're 45 years out now, that we'd still be talking about it."

But Knight's previous job often loomed over his new career. "As I was starting in my high-tech career, a good deal of it was this recognition thing that I had to just get over in order to conduct business," he explained, adding, "but it was a good door-opener. "

'The Brady Bunch" Photos

While on a business trip to Australia in the early '90s, the former actor assumed that fans had long forgotten his TV role from the '70s. But Knight was mobbed at the airport, and was quickly invited to the Sydney premiere of "The Real Live Brady Bunch," a traveling production re-enacting episodes from the show on stage.

Knight said that he had already rejected offers to attend the show's premiere in Los Angeles. "It was the last place in the world I wanted to be. I didn't really want to be a Brady anymore. I was like 'that was done, I'm beyond it.' These people will always be friends. But I'm done with 'The Brady Bunch' and sort of wanted the audience to do the same thing."

But seeing the show's broad appeal and reach moved Knight. "This is as far away as you can get on this planet we call Earth, and I'm confronting something that I did [at home]."

He continued, "so I agreed. I said, 'well, it must be kismet.' I mean, something's got to be going on here--I'm trying to avoid this thing like the plague, and it's following me all the way to Australia. So alright, I'll acquiesce, I'll go. It was that pivotal moment."

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