08/13/2014 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Awesome Pictures Show Why 'ThroPro' Should Be A Thing Already

Drone selfies might soon be the next big obnoxious way to take a picture of yourself, but until then, just throw your GoPro in the air. Seriously.

Nathaniel Heres, an accountant and freelance videographer from Seaside, California, showed us how epic it can look when done right.

While vacationing in Hawaii, Heres and his girlfriend Alanna paddled out to the small island of Moku Nui, just offshore from Lanikai Beach on Oahu. There, he began to "ThroPro," which he did about 10 times, to be exact. "It could have been 15," he told HuffPost. "I even cut my finger catching it once, so after that I just let it fall to the ground."

When he viewed his photos later, Heres was surprised at how hard it was to actually get more shots that worked.

“I can’t believe I only had one good pic out of about 400 shots," he said. "I threw it up on burst mode, which takes 30 shots per burst. I was a bit bummed that there was some motion blur, but with a view like that I couldn’t complain.”

Turns out, this is more widely called "camera tossing" -- a.k.a. taking pictures that make it look like you’re trying to hug your camera while it wants nothing to do with you. And after seeing Heres' shot, we're wondering why more people aren't doing this.

Below, see Heres' and other ThroPro pros look up at the people of the Internet with silly smiles and open arms.

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