08/15/2014 08:20 am ET Updated Aug 15, 2014

Ann Curry Welcomes David Gregory To TV's Most Depressing Club

NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

If there's anyone who knows how David Gregory feels right now, it's Ann Curry.

Before NBC News was getting hammered for its slow-motion dumping of Gregory from "Meet the Press," it was getting torched for its brutal handling of Curry's ouster from "Today." Curry's gutwrenching final monologue has become such a symbol of human misery, in fact, that NBC is apparently taking no chances with Gregory.

The New York Daily News reported that the network brass has refused to allow Gregory to host one last show because they're frightened that he'll give them another "Ann Curry moment."

“They know how bad they’ve f—ed him over and they’re scared to death that he will cause an Ann Curry situation, so they’re not letting him go on the air. It’s ridiculous," a source told the paper.


Curry, who is still with NBC News, let Gregory know that she gets what he's going through. Daily Intel spotted her tweeting this in the wee hours of Friday morning:

Hopefully she also sent over a bottle of something strong.