08/15/2014 09:28 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2014

Fox Sports 1's New Football Ad Is Sexist, Stupid And Popular

Oh look, Bitter Wife is giving Fox Sports 1 the finger. And there's Neanderthal Husband over on the couch neglecting Bitter Wife as he watches yet more football.

Fox Sports 1 doesn't spare the stereotypes in its new ad, which trumpets the network's increased coverage of college football. The commercial, above, gives us about 1 minute 45 seconds of our beleaguered football widow kvetching about the glut of games while gridiron-gripped spouse is dead to the world. "Sorry for all the football," the spot declares.

Although the segment seems to have inspired negative reaction -- even sorrow -- from both media outlets and viewers, it's undeniably getting attention. The commercial had racked up more than 229,000 views on YouTube by Friday morning.

Sexism sells, we guess.

Tell us what you think. Did Fox Sports 1 drop the ball on this one or make you laugh?

h/t Deadspin