08/17/2014 09:58 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2014

These All-White Rooms Are Anything But Boring (PHOTOS)

White often gets a bad rap. It's hard to keep clean, questionable after Labor Day and as a paint color of one's choice, it's typically thought of as boring.

But rules are meant to be broken, especially when it comes to the way you decorate your home. And thanks to the designers who submitted their work to our friends at Porch.com, we have just the kitchens, bedrooms and more that prove a color-free approach is anything but "unimaginative."

  • White is one of the most timeless choices for a kitchen.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/east-hampton-5?img=976717" target="_blank">East Hampton</a> by Benco Construction
    East Hampton by Benco Construction
  • Just don't be afraid to employ the help of colorful accents or varied textures if need be.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/entire-home-remodel-4?img=920525" target="_blank">Entire Home Remodel</a> by Tiek Built Ho
    Entire Home Remodel by Tiek Built Homes
  • It can give any room a modern touch when paired with minimalist accents and glass details...
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/sea-glass-escape-1?img=41073" target="_blank">Sea Glass Escape</a> by Jennifer Post Design
    Sea Glass Escape by Jennifer Post Design, Inc.
  • ...or a cozy feel when warmer lighting and softer fabrics are thrown into the mix.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/legacy-house-1?img=34521" target="_blank">Legacy House</a> by Opal Design Group
    Legacy House by Opal Design Group
  • Layering a space with luxe furniture, personalized decor and carefully selected artwork brings any plain, white room to life.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/yarrow-point-3?img=39182" target="_blank">Yarrow Point</a> by Susan Marinello Interiors
    Yarrow Point by Susan Marinello Interiors
  • A quick coat of white can instantly give the illusion of more square footage in even the smallest spaces.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/flat-7?img=35715" target="_blank">Condo Remodel</a> by Wentworth, Inc.
    Condo Remodel by Wentworth, Inc.
  • Though there's no harm in using it to compliment large rooms saturated with natural light.
    <a href="http://porch.com/projects/flying-point?img=972998" target="_blank">Flying Point</a> by Benco Construction
    Flying Point by Benco Construction

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