08/20/2014 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

14 People With An Undeniably Strong Tinder Game

Bummed out because you can't get anyone to swipe right for you on Tinder? Chin up, buddy, it's probably just because there's such stiff competition on the dating app.

Below, 14 people who have taken their Tinder game to a level we didn't realize existed.

This Photoshop expert.

This way thrifty compact sedan owner.

These bros who know Tinder can be a fun-filled group activity.

This incredibly rare Jesus in a tortilla.

This tamer of tigers/possible tamer of our hearts?

This emoji expert.

This scholar of burritos.

This epic storyteller/possible pyromaniac. (Yes, even if Aziz Ansari did it first.)

This fearless selfie-taker.


This epic cuddler.

This guy who knows it's entirely possible to use a pic of your ex as your Tinder pic.

This bonafide MERMAN.

And lastly, this danish. Who wouldn't fall for this sweet, delicious, educated baked good?

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