08/19/2014 10:10 am ET Updated Aug 19, 2014

'WTF Renaissance' Explains What's Actually Happening In Classic Paintings

If you admire the soft sfumato of 15th century painting as much as you do the terse humor of Twitter, @WtfRenaissance is about to become your best friend.

In essence, the account explains what's actually happening in both the mundane and wildly bizarre Renaissance artworks. From the proportionally strange portraits of the Virgin Mary and an infant Christ, to vaguely erotic images of humans and animals in intimate embraces, @WtfRenaissance decodes the confusing scenes in 140 characters or less, infusing bits of contemporary pop culture along the way. Warning: perfectly crafted hashtags are present.

Check out a preview of the parody masterpieces below. For more, you can feast upon the original Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook pages. There are references to ice bucket challenges, pet pics, Beyonce and helicopter parenting throughout. Enjoy.