08/20/2014 08:27 am ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

Privacy Is Completely And Utterly Dead, And We Killed It

Jimmy Anderson via Getty Images

Privacy. . .everyone keeps talking about it and apparently everyone is concerned with it, but going forward does it even matter? I recently watched the documentary, “Terms and Conditions may Apply,” which provides a fascinating look at how organizations such as Facebook, Google, Apple and others have changed the way they look at and approach privacy. After watching the movie it had me wondering, “does privacy even matter anymore?”

Most of us use Facebook, have iPhones, use Twitter, search on Google, and use the hundreds of other tools and platforms that companies have so graciously given us access to. We subscribe to newsletters, buy things online, take quizzes, allow our apps to access third party websites, enter contests, and register for conferences. Simply loading a webpage of any kind tracks some kind of information about you.

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