08/20/2014 11:45 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

Reggie Watts And Greenpeace Want You To #ClickClean

A new series of Greenpeace videos featuring comedian Reggie Watts wants you to help encourage Internet companies to switch to renewable energy.

“Get those photovoltaics on that roof. Collectively we can power the internet. That is the future of what should have already been!” Watts raps in one video.

The videos support the #ClickClean campaign, which advocates “a greener online for a greener offline.” This series is more playful and downright funny than some of Greenpeace’s other videos, like the recent parody of a song from "The Lego Movie" which depicts a Lego arctic wonderland being tragically flooded with oil.

“We took a more lighthearted approach with this series because our campaign is about loving the Internet, and one of the things we love about the Internet is the presence of people like Reggie Watts,” Greenpeace’s Molly Dorozenski told The Huffington Post. Greenpeace hopes that Watts will be able to reach a diverse Internet crowd, including artists, musicians and innovators, she said.

Apple, Facebook and Google are highlighted by Greenpeace for their commitment to renewable energy while Amazon and Twitter are among those who lag behind, with more than half of their electricity reportedly coming from fossil fuels.

Why target Internet companies? “The Internet would rank sixth among countries for its electricity demand,” Dorozenski told HuffPost, adding, “Tech companies are the innovators -- they have the ability to embrace new ideas and make progress ahead of the curve, and we've seen the sector make big changes already."

Check out all the videos below: