08/21/2014 05:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colombian Beauty Queen Paola Builes Aristizábal Stripped Of Crown For 'Lingerie' Pictures

A beauty queen who was gunning to be Miss Colombia had her hopes shot down when she was disqualified after pictures of her in underwear emerged.

Story continues below picture of said underwear in question ...

Paola Builes Aristizábal, 21, was named Miss Antioquia on Aug. 10, and that qualified her to compete for the Miss Colombia Crown, according to Bluradio.

But then the purportedly inflammatory pictures emerged, and pageant organizers decided they showed Aristizábal in underwear too racy for contestants to EVER be pictured wearing.

"Well I'm still in shock because of the decision," Aristizábal told Bluradio. "I feel discriminated against because there are other candidates that are going to participate in the pageant in Cartagena that have photos in lingerie, they also have photos with tiny bathing suits, and they're going to participate."

She told Bluradio the pictures in question were taken two years ago and were part of her private portfolio.

The competition's runner-up, Natalia Ochoa Calle, is now Miss Antioquia.

In a statement issued to Colombia El Espectador, the Cosmovisión
network, which made the decision with the help of the board of directors of the Concurso Nacional de Belleza (National Beauty Pageant), said:

Miss Antioquia Paola Builes Aristizábal, who was elected on August 10, will not be able to exercise her functions as queen of the antioqueños. This decision was taken after consultation with the Board of the National Beauty Pageant in Cartagena, prompted by photos of the participant in lingerie, which [the organization] was not aware of until one day after the evening of election and coronation.

Below are more OUTRAGEOUS photographs of Aristizábal (they are not actually outrageous) that are not related to her disqualification:

Carolina Moreno contributed reporting.

Hat tip: NY Daily News

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