08/22/2014 09:14 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2014

Whose Voice Is It, Anyway? On Being Seen As A 'Black Voice' In White Media

MICHAEL B. THOMAS via Getty Images

I was a late adopter to blogging and social media. I’ve been acting, singing, and dancing professionally while writing for pleasure since the ’90s and I’m very Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard about the whole thing. In my day, we didn’t need Instagram filters; we had faces!

I consider it a privilege and an honor that anyone on these here interwebs gives a toss about anything I have to say, particularly here, where the xoJane community has been so kind. The fantastic xoJane editors bear with me when I say “no” more often than I say “yes” to specific topic requests, and are so welcoming when I present them with one of my unsolicited ramblings. For every piece of mine you’ve read here, there are probably three or four that I either didn’t feel like enough of an expert to address or that I began writing and didn’t deem good enough.

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