08/23/2014 10:34 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2014

Cubs' Epic Tarp Fail Caused By Obamacare, Sources Say

Brian D. Kersey via Getty Images

Oh, Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs' now-famous tarp fail during a rain delay earlier this week is being blamed on the team's cost-cutting reaction to Obamacare by unnamed sources who spoke with The Chicago Sun-Times.

During Tuesday's home game against the San Francisco Giants, heavy rains sent the Cubs' ground crew scrambling as they fought a sad (or hilarious?) losing battle against a rain-soaked tarp. The 20-minute downpour and not-quite-covered infield led to a four hour and 34 minute delay.

As many as 10 crew members were reportedly sent home early on Tuesday night with "little, if any" input from the field-level supervisors. The move was purportedly part of a massive reorganization that the Cubs enacted last winter designed to keep as many workers as possible under the hourly limit that would qualify them for employer-healthcare provided under the Affordable Care Act.

And like the wealthy uncle who annually gives $5 checks for family birthdays, the Cubs -- Major League Baseball's fourth most-valuable team -- are "cheap," according to unnamed high-ranking official from another team who spoke with the Sun-Times.

The Cubs, whose owners are noted Obama and ACA opponents, subsequently told ESPN Chicago that the tarp mishap was a "freak thing" and not connected to ACA policies.

Not only was the tarp fail a national embarrassment for the team, it also cleared the way for the Giants to lodge the first successful protest of a game's results since 1986.



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