08/25/2014 09:35 am ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

They Sure Celebrate Hockey Goals Differently In Australia

A Perth Thunder player's head-slide down the rink after his winning goal against the Melbourne Ice proves two things:

1) There's ice hockey in Australia.

2) At least one Australian ice hockey player sure knows how to make his celebration stand out.

Ric Del Basso's glide down the ice Saturday on his noggin is pretty slick, although For The Win called the move "one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever seen." The announcers in the clip above also take a jab at the potential risk.

The goal glide has gone viral, with one YouTube commenter writing, "Reminds me of a penguin."

Others expressed surprise that there was hockey at all in Australia. According to the Australian Ice Hockey League's website, the league was formed before the 2000 season after a previous league's failure, and there have been organized hockey games Down Under for more than a century.