08/26/2014 09:26 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Career As A TV Producer Is Scaring Men Away

DreamPictures via Getty Images

Growing up, I believed that all men wanted to date/marry a smart, classy, accomplished woman. I had proof: my father. He is educated, successful, and married to a woman who is also educated and successful. The awards she has won do not diminish him, nor does he feel inferior because she, like him, has a Masters degree. In fact, I believe he might be her biggest fan.

My father might be an anomaly. As an adult, I've found there are many men who take issue with women, like myself, who are smart and successful. They do not want to date/marry a woman who has her life together. It makes them feel inferior, insecure, and/or uncomfortable. I know because I have met them. In fact, I feel as though I may have met them all!

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