08/27/2014 12:39 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

Queen's Guard Caught On Video Making Funny Faces Outside Buckingham Palace

Uh-oh. Looks like this guy didn't get the memo.

This video going viral shows what appears to be a member of the normally stoic Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace making some silly faces. Maybe he's breaking rank, or maybe he thinks no one is watching closely on what appears to be a wet and windy day.

The Daily Mail, which says a tourist captured the video, posted the clip online and sent an image out via Twitter:

It's not clear if this clip is the real deal or a viral hoax, but the newspaper said the incident was under investigation. If this turns out to be legit, the man -- who appears to be to be a member of the Grenadier Guards -- could be facing discipline.

But while it's pretty rare for the guards to break their stony expression, it does happen from time to time. Earlier this year, a tourist from New York got one to smile by recounting their (fictional) childhood together.



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