08/27/2014 06:49 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

5 Reasons Why My Second Child Is The Way She Is

Nature or nurture? It’s hard to know if we’re the way we are because we’re hardwired that way or if we’re a product of our environment. In the case of my second daughter, a whole 18 months younger than her big sister, I think, in many ways, she’s a product of her birth order.

No matter how great the mom, the second kid gets the short end of the stick. An Apology Letter to My Second Child had me nodding with acknowledgement. With each subsequent child, there’s more to do, less time, and less sleep. Something has got to give. That’s not to say the second child doesn’t have it good. It’s just different than that first kid’s experience. As my second little one gets older, I’m pretty convinced she is how she is largely due to being the second.

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