08/27/2014 05:24 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

Proud Brother Is Interviewed About Throwing Like A Girl, Gets All The Questions Right

Nine-year-old Linden understands how the phrase "Throw like a girl" is used by most people, but he also knows that it's not accurate.

He was interviewed as part of Always' super viral "Like A Girl" social experiment, which broke down the idiomatic stereotype of what it means to do something "like a girl" -- that is, what it means to do something badly. But in the clip above, when director Lauren Greenfield asks him if all girls throw badly, the corner of his lips quirk upwards.

"No," he says with a quick smile, "Not my sister."

Linden is the proud brother of an athletic sister whose talent has the respect of her classmates, male and female. He doesn't think that anyone would say she threw like a girl -- but if they did, he says he would speak up.

"I could stop it, I could just tell them not to do that, and yeah, they would stop," he says.

And if a 9-year-old can get there that fast, we're confident everyone else can too.