08/28/2014 12:22 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2014

Jon Stewart Takes On ESPN's Michael Sam Shower Coverage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took ESPN to task over its awkward coverage of Rams rookie Michael Sam's shower habits on "The Daily Show."

After showing a clip of ESPN's shower coverage, Stewart asked, “Why would his teammates feel uncomfortable showering with Michael Sam? Does he use Axe Garlic & Rotten Egg body wash?" Later in the segment, "Senior Sports Correspondent" Samantha Bee joined in and suggested that Sam, the first openly gay player ever to be selected in the NFL draft, actually has been making his teammates uncomfortable by not "getting naked around them at all."

"There's been no grab-ass, no dick snaps, no ball cupping, none of the locker room behavior of normal heterosexual NFL players," Bee said.

ESPN has since apologized publicly for their coverage of this story.